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Fulfilment Services

CBL | Fulfilment


We offer UK & international retailers & publishers a low-cost fulfilment service in combination with our distribution services.


CBL's direct fulfilment services can benefit your company by providing......


Branded fulfilment – All items can be dispatched under your branding to create a seamless experience for end consumers, logos etc can be displayed on packages, invoices & any inserts.

Lower cost shipping - With delivery to over 200 countries & tracked options available to most destinations – Rates start from £0.50 per item service fee + shipping fee.

Easy Ordering – Options including email, FTP, EDI & bespoke integrations (Shopify etc). Full order updates provided via EDI, FTP or email dependent upon customer requirements.

Shipment reports – Daily/hourly feeds provided giving current dispatch status/tracking details etc.


Faster fulfilment – Most orders dispatched within 24 hours. Overseas businesses in particular could see a decrease in the average time orders take to reach customers vs. current arrangements.​

Optional Extras:

Inserts, Gift Wrapping, Return processing & Pallet Rates – Pricing available on request.

When do you invoice me? - An invoice for fulfilment costs will be issued weekly / monthly dependent upon volume.

Apologies but this service is not offered to companies which solely sell on eBay, Amazon etc or who are developing new websites. Rates as offered are exclusively for publishers for whom CBL Distribute or established online retailers.


For more information on our CDF services or to open an account please contact us.

CBL | Further fulfilment options for client publishers / selected retailers


For selected clients we offer website/channel integration, website creation & where required customer services which are outlined below. 


Website Integration – Where feasible CBL can integrate directly with a clients existing website if they directly sell to the public. New orders etc can be automatically imported into our systems for dispatch freeing up time and eliminating costs. CBL also can integrate with many leading marketplaces to pull in orders for onwards shipment. Examples of platforms where we currently have live integrations are below.

Website creation - Of use to smaller publishers CBL can create a simple website for a product range with fully automated order handling and website management. For example

Customer Services – CBL can handle customer services enquiries received via managed websites freeing up time for the client.

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