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Now Available: Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age

Your organization (and the world of work) are alive. For centuries we have behaved as though organizations were machines, treating people as parts of those machines. But your organization is a living, dynamic system, that thrives through relationships, natural growth and organic structures.

In 'Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age', Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of Digital Workplace Group (DWG), and Shimrit Janes, DWG’s Director of Knowledge, draw on patterns from forests and the natural world to illustrate a dynamic, vital and more beautiful world of work that our hearts and minds know is possible.

Through inspiring imagery and metaphors drawn from nature, Miller and Janes provide change-makers in companies and organizations of any size with the language and questions to evolve their workplaces from organizations to organisms.

'Nature of Work' is a manifesto and guidebook for what DWG has called 'The Decade of Courage'. Through the lens of nature, it explores 12  essential workplace elements, such as health, habitat, regeneration, intelligence, relationships and purpose, underpinned by real-life stories of organizations and people already on this journey to new ways of working.

As at 2019, there were 3.46  billion people working globally, representing 41% of the world’s population. Any changes in work have a dramatic impact on all aspects of life. And not only do these changes affect working people, they ripple out to touch all those who receive services or products as customers too. Changes in the world of work have profound impacts on how we live on Earth, and the concept 'Nature of Work' equips us with the language to craft a new story of work for a living age.

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