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Now available: Bestselling 'ARTCADE - Extended Edition' from Bitmap Books

Relive your mis-spent youth with artwork from dozens of coin-ops including Asteroids, Battlezone, Street Fighter II, Out Run, Moon Patrol, Q*Bert, Bubble Bobble and many more. Each marquee is faithfully recreated using beautiful lithographic printing on the highest quality paper. Back in 2015, Bitmap Books teamed up with arcade enthusiast Tim Nicholls to publish the first edition of Artcade, a labour of love that was borne out of Nicholls quest to restore his massive archive of original arcade game artwork comprised of titles from the last four decades.

This new Extended Edition builds on the original concept by adding a larger selection of memorable marquee artwork which looks even more striking now, thanks to the wider format of the book.

There is also a lot more side panel and cabinet art this time around, giving you a better overall picture of the complete machine, and what it would have looked like in it's full glory. While the art naturally remains the main focus of Artcade, there's a lot more written content to digest this time around, including a brand-new exclusive interview with the legendary Larry Day, who worked on seminal titles such as Moon Patrol and the pinball machine Catacomb. An in-depth how-to chapter contributed to by Escape Pod, one of the world's leading creators of high-quality restored arcade artwork serves as a great taster for those of you who are entertaining the idea of picking up a battered coin-op classic and bringing it back to life. In total, Artcade showcases 300 iconic coin-ops across 356 pages and is enclosed within a limited edition glow in the dark heavy board slipcase.

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